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AlFajr Azan Clock

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Authentic AlFajr Clocks comes with high quality digital Azan sound for all prayers (including complete Fajr azan). Azan volume control is fitted in all clock models. 

Azan times are calculated accurately for all cities around the world. ALFAJR uses the local taqweem or the most widely used taqweem system for your city. Other standard taqweem systems are available, as follows :

  • Islamic World Organization ( Muslim League )
  • Taqweem Um Al-Qura 
  • Altaqweem Almasri ( Egypt )
  • Islamic Scientific University ( Hanafi )
  • Islamic Society of North America ( ISNA )
  • Fixed Time


  1. Complete Azan ( All cities around the World).
  2. Automatic FAJR Alarm.
  3. Daily Alarm.
  4. Qibla Direction.
  5. HIJRI and GREGORIAN Calenedars.
  6. Wide viewing angle LCD
  7. LED light
  8. Temperature display
  9. Size 12 X 9 X 6 cm
  10. Weight with batteries 210 gm

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