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Muslimah Dress Up Activity Book

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Muslimah Dress-up by Momin Explorers activity book comes with reusable stickers is now available at Chaddors.

  • Dress up the girls in modest and stylish outfits, displaying beauty and confidence in various settings, for endless fun!
  • It includes 7 unique scenes : School, Party, Bedroom, Pool, Mosque, Work and Gym.
  • The scenes are printed on glossy and sturdy cardstock and reusable stickers can cling to these scenes over and over again. There are over 130 stickers to allow mix and match, and can be used on figures across the scenes.
  • Functional folder to keep all scenes and stickers together for easy clean-up and to take anywhere you go.

PRODUCT SIZE: 10 x 14.5 inch scenes

Perfect gift for Ramadan, Eid and other occasion.